A Day Out On Bald Head Island

If you’re looking…..

….for an exciting and alltogether memorable experience along the Carolina Shore, a trip out to Bald Head Island is what you want! How many times since we first set foot along the Carolina shoreline have we looked over across the Cape Fear and the ICW and saw the iconic Old Baldy staring back at us. And how many times have we said…’we need to get out there one of these days!” It took a lot of years but we finally got it done with absolutely no regrets except….why didn’t we do this sooner!

Why didn’t we ever do it:

  • Seemed like it would be pretty expensive to get out there? (It is…but it’s not too bad).
  • You can’t bring a car over…how good would that be? Haha…how silly that is now that we know!  
  • There can’t be that much to do out there? Wrong!

Let me address these concerns….It is a bit expensive to get out there. There is only one way to get out there and it is by

Sun's a rising over Deep Point Marina in Southport where your trip to Bald Head begins.

Sun’s a rising over Deep Point Marina in Southport where your trip to Bald Head begins.

ferry that embarks from the Deep Point Marina in Southport. It’s $22 round trip for passengers. Remember, no vehicles. You can bring your bike but that will set you back another $23 for each bike, round trip also. Unless you want to just walk around the harbor area (which isn’t a bad choice), you’ll need a way to get around the island. BTW…the lighthouse is within walking distance of the ferry. Good news is…you can rent a bike on island for about $20 and up. The only downside is that most of the bikes are single speed and it will make for a strenuous workout if you’re traveling across the entire island (about 4 miles wide) because there are a surprising number of elevation changes across the island.

Golf carts to the rescue!..and one of the most pleasing aspects of the island. NO cars…NO noise! You can rent a variety of electric golf carts right at the harbor. We rented a 4 passenger for $65 for the day rather than going the bike route and man we were happy we chose that way! Once you’ve left the harbor area and start meandering along the quiet roads, you immediately notice one thing….Quiet, Clean, and Peaceful. Simply amazing! 

If you can’t find enough to do out on the island…you live a boring life!

  • The harbor is awash in beautiful boats and homes, alleys and marsh. Enough shopping right there as well to please most of us and a wonderful variety of restaurants.
  • The lighthouse and it’s museum and gift shop are just stunning. Yes, you can climb the lighthouse for a reasonable fee (I believe it was something like 6 or 8 bucks). It’s not that high but it’s a fairly strenuous walk up but well worth it when you reach the top.
  • If you like beaches…..DUH!…lovely, pristine beaches on both the east facing side and the south facing. East has some good pounding surf and south side is much calmer. Lots of beach to hike; lots of shells and lots of birds and other wildlife.
  • Like to hike?…you’re in luck here with a number of interconnected trails wandering through the deep and thick maritime forest, all part of the Bald Head Conservacy.

Grouper BLT. Divine!!

Grouper BLT. Divine!!

One thing you will not need to worry about while being on island is finding great food and/or libations! There is a fabulous market called The Maritime Market and their tagline is….”Heading to Bald Island? Pack Light! We’ve got it covered!” Truer words have never been spoken. Whether it’s a light snack and a drink while you’re biking or a carriage full of groceries for the week, this place is something to see! We need one of these on the mainland! If dining out is more your desire….gotcha covered there too! We can’t speak for all of the restaurants on island. In one day you can only eat so much…even us! We decided to spend the late afternoon with a light dinner and drinks (duh!) at Mojo’s on the Harbor. It would have been difficult to make a better choice. Great food, great service, great view. Need more? How about this photo of my Grouper BLT and by far, the best french fries I’ve ever had on the planet!

Oceanfront homes with one heck of a view!

Oceanfront homes with one heck of a view!


We did all of that in just our one short day trip so if you’re in nearby Brunswick County or the North Myrtle area, either living here or just here on vacation, you can make Bald Head a fantastic day trip. If you’re looking to spend more time on island, there are untold numbers of options and locations that can be your vacation home for your stay. From homes, to condos, to quaint little cottages…on the ocean, on the marsh, in the forest. It’s all there for you.

Here are a bunch of photos from our recent day trip. Can’t wait to get back to take more. Click on any of the images to view full size and remember, you can send any one of the photos to anyone via email for *FREE* Simply click on the ‘ecard’ link on the photo for more details & instructions.

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