The Colors of Charleston

It’s really very difficult….

….to describe the beauty of Charleston, SC. It is a city with an amazing cosmopolitan feel to it, yet you feel like you’re on the streets and alleys of small town, USA. It’s a place for walking that’s for sure which is why you need more than a day to explore everything in the area. If all you have is a day….split the city up and explore a different area on subsequent visits.

If you have the time to spend a night or more, there are some positively stunning hotels right in town but be aware that it’s rather expensive to stay right in town. That being said….there are very viable options in either West Charleston or to the east in Mt Pleasant. On a recent visit to Charleston, we stayed one night in West Charleston for very little money and we were 5 minutes from the city.

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit! The temperatures moderate a bit which makes walking that much more enjoyable. The city is alive with color and you’ll see a lot of that in the photos that follow. The first is a slide show of many of the photos we took this day and there are individual photos below which you can view full size by clicking on them. There is also an option to send any of the photos to friends or family via an E-Card for no charge. We hope you enjoy.



Autumn brings out even more colorful beauty in Charleston such as here by the entrance to the waterfront park.

Click on any of the images below to view them full size. Feel free to send any of the images as a *FREE* E-Card by clicking on the link in the upper right.

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