Fort Fisher Battle Re-Enactment

Fort Fisher was the largest earthen fortification in the Confederacy and it once protected the port of Wilmington and the vital blockade running trade on the Cape Fear River. After two massive bombardments, the fort fell to a Union infantry assault on Jan. 15, 1865. With the capture of Fort Fisher, Wilmington’s port – “the Lifeline of the Confederacy” – was closed to foreign trade. It also opened up an avenue of deployment for the Union giving them the ability to move troops, armaments and supplies inland up the Cape Fear which hastened Union troop movements resulting in a much sooner than anticipated end to the war

Each year in January the Fort celebrates the anniversary of the last battle at Ft Fisher with a re-enactment of the battle replete with volunteers dressed as soldiers in period dress as well as with an actual firing of the 32lb rifled & banded cannon. Many other events are held throughout the year making Ft Fisher an ideal day trip for vacationers to the area. For more information, please visit the Ft Fisher website.

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