An OIB Afternoon to Wander

A cool and blustery day….

…..gave me the perfect excuse to just wander around the island a bit. One thing I love about the island is the vast amount of untouched upland marsh and maritime forest. Much of it is difficult to access but I did manage to find a spot close to the waterway to explore. I felt like crouching tiger hidden  camera bag trying to navigate through the dense low lying briars and brambles but I did make it down to the waterway. Had hoped to run across some of the local wildlife but I’m pretty sure they heard me coming for miles. If you’re interested….here’s where I explored:


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OIB 33.898712, -78.415968


Here are a few photos from the day. Click on them to view full size and feel free to share to your social network of choice or send as a *FREE* E-Card by clicking on the e-card link in the photo.

Something about the feeling you get when driving over the bridge!

Even the sounds from under the bridge are soothing!

The coming full moon brought extremely low tides. Felt like you could walk across the waterway

A couple hours to sunset brought some eerie looking colors to the skyline

Gotta love the peace and solitude of the waterway canals on the island

Lee St canal, looking south towards the ocean

Spring has sprung in the marsh at Ocean Isle Beach

Love the subtle glow of the marsh grass along the waterway


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