Biking Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park….

… one of the gems along the Carolina coastline. Within the area commonly referred to as the “Grand Strand,” it is one of only 2 locations of real pristine oceanfront beauty free of concrete, mini golf and honky tonk. Because it’s a state park, there are NO hotels along the beachfront or on the property at all. It has some of the most beautiful beachfront in SC.

It’s not just about the beach either. The park is a natural habitat for so many species of wildlife from egrets, to alligators, pelicans to spoonbills and so much more. There are hiking and biking trails and the beach at low tide is ideal for biking the entire width of the park. There is camping available for tents and/or campers & rv’s and lots of of picnic areas available with charcoal grills available or bring your own. There’s a beautiful little gift shop and of course a trip to the park would not be complete without a visit and walkthrough of Atalaya Castle.

The map below from our recent day of biking the park will illustrate how much is available to you. Below that you’ll see some of the photos from our day of biking and hiking. For more info on the park, please visit Huntington Beach State Park and Atalaya Castle.


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