New Year’s Day on the Beach

New Year’s Day…..

…..on Martha’s Vineyard was pleasantly comfortable making it an ideal day to walk some of the beaches. One we visited was Squibnockett Beach, known for its active and sometimes turbulent surf conditions. As luck would have it….the surf was up and so were the surfers. We spotted about a dozen of them braving the gunmetal ocean’s temperature of about 42°. Here’s a sequence of one of the boys just perfectly catching this wave.

Check out the rest of the photos of the other members of these brave souls defying the elements!


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MV 41.339220, -70.724883

We also had the opportunity to visit Lucy Vincent Beach, another of the South facing beaches on the island that are subjected to the effects of Mother Nature far more than the other protected areas around the other sides of the island. The views and the landscape are simply stunning!

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