(Another) OIB Renourishment

In case you missed it…..

…..(or have been asleep for a very long time!)…..the East end of Ocean Isle Beach has been eroding; nay…. disappearing before our very eyes. Two streets have been missing for about 20 years now and as each year passes more homes at the point are either lost, moved or suffer significant damage. A couple years back a massive renourishment project was undertaken to try to save these homes. It was very successful….but only for a few short months. Mother Nature took back what was hers.

Since then there have been many discussions and proposals presented in an effort to provide a more lasting resolution. Recently the town approved the construction of a terminal groin near the end of 3rd st. It’s hoped that the groin will minimize any potential damage to all the homes and roads at the point as well as significantly reduce the amount of sand deposited into Shallotte Inlet from the prevelant Southwest winds and the gulf stream flow of water up and along the coast. This project is targeted to begin in November of 2017.

In advance of the construction of the groin, a new (but significantly smaller) dredging project began last week to add sand pumped up from the floor of the inlet along the shoreline directly in front of the homes on 3rd St, perpendicular to Shallotte Blvd.  (see map below)

Shallotte Blvd

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Shallotte Blvd 33.897563, -78.393931


We decided to coordinate a beach bike ride with checking out the progress of the project. We had the opportunity to speak with the project manager and we learned a few things:

  • This was a small project compared the the one of a couple years ago: approx 70K cubic yards of sand vs somewhere around 600-700K cubic yards of sand!
  • This project included just the beachfront of the last dozen or so homes on 3rd St vs approx 4 miles of beachfront on the last project.
  • This project lasted a week!!…the last one nearly 3 months.
  • There will be approx 7 feet of elevation added to this section of beachfront.
  • There will be a *NEW* beach this Sunday! Project Complete!

Here are some of the photos from our ride along the island including the area where the renourishment is taking place. Please click on any of the images to view full size. Please feel free to share to your social network of choice. You can also send any of the photos as a FREE E-Card by clicking on the e-card link in the photo.


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