Cloudy & Dreary East End OIB

An awesome breakfast at Drift Coffee Kitchen this morning led to a pleasant walk along the beach and dunes down on the East end of OIB. Windy, cloudy, dreary but nonetheless a great morning to take Natures beauty in. 

The sandbags and the mountains of sand grow higher and higher in an attempt to hold Mother Nature’s pounding surf back. Dredging will begin shortly to backfill (again!) the areas just east and west of Shallotte Dr on the island in advance of the much anticipated and controversial terminal groin project set to begin next November. 

Here are some photos of the mountains and the sea from this morning’s walk. Clcik on any photo to view full size. Please feel free to share via your social network of choice or send as a *FREE* E-Card via email to friends or relatives.


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