Ocean Isle Sunrise

After a week or two…..

….. of generally unpleasant weather, including below normal temperatures, frosts and even hard freezes, it was a real treat to hear that the weekend and beyond forecast was for warmer temperature! Overnights were forecast to be in the mid to upper fifties and daytime in the 70° range. Saturday morning bore that forecast out and with no work on the docket I made my way out to hopefully catch a glorious sunrise. 

As I headed to the island darkness began to slowly lift revealing strands of dark clouds streaking across the night sky. That meant we should have some nice color as the sky was clear along the eastern horizon. Still dark when I got to the beach, I could see a couple small, bright flashlights along the shoreline. (No one has real flashlights anymore do they?…Just smartphone lights). The brilliant oranges along the horizon began to filter through the clouds. Got my gear together, set up alomg the beach and flip flops and a sweatshirt quickly became barefeet and t-shirt. A beautiful morning and I was rewarded. 

Here are a few of my photos from this morning’s sunrise. Hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share them to your social media platform of choice. You can also send any photo as a *FREE* E-Card by clicking on the link in the photo. 




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