Wild & Crazy Weather On The Shore!!

This past week...

....along the Carolina shore as well as the entire Southeast region was rife with outrageous weather including torrential downpours, frightening lightning, tornadoes and tropical storm force winds. At one point there was a line of severe storms paralelling the coast for nearly 1,000 miles. Wednesday night was the worst for us here in the Myrtle Beach & Brunswick County area. The bright white spikes of cloud to ground lightning against the pitch black skies and the exploding thunder all under an NWS tornado warning made for a nail biting early evening. 

We had a few hours of reasonable calm only to be awakened in the wee hours of the morning by eye opening lightning and another set from the Rolling Thunder Revue! By mid morning the clouds had parted and the sun shone through the puffy white cumulus clouds across the sky. The wind from the back side of the storm however, made its presence very well known with upwards to 30-40 mpg gusts. I made my way down to Sunset Beach for walkway clean up day with the group from Sunset Vision. We had a very successful day of picking up trash and stuff along the beach walkways that line the shore. It was a hat losing afternoon for sure and it was a challenge just to keep the trash from blowing out of the buckets and bags!

With clean up complete I made my way down to the beach to watch the angry surf and feel the gusts against my back and face. Some shots of how the wind was affecting the beach are what follow. A couple minutes of stormy Wednesday night taken from our deck precedes the photos. Hope you enjoy.

The wind blowing out of the west right along the shore produced some bizarre 'speed bumps'

The sea grass was blowing so hard it was nearly blocking the 40th St walkway at the beach.

It wasn't so much an 'angry' surf because of the wind direction. Just perpetual waves!

The chair was doing a great job at protecting the cooler!

The tops of the dunes just got battered by the winds

The force of the wind was sometimes blowing the sea grass nearly verticle.

Moving at the speed of sand along the ground!

The surf relentlessly rolling in

"Stay Off the Dunes"...unless you want to be part of them!

Sand was blowing so hard, new lines of dunes were being formed perpendicular to the water!

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