Autumn in New England

I beg your indulgence for a short while we take you away from the Carolina shore. We had the occasion recently to travel up north to Massachusetts to attend the Baptism of of 1st Grandbaby, Liam Carmine. That of course is reason enough to make the trip….but taking it in early Autumn also gave us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Autumn in New England outdoors with Liam & his Mom. 

Autumn is a huge harvest time in New England especially for apples, pumpkins, corn and more. Close by to us was one of the largest farms, Keith Farms, where at this time of the year you can pick your own apples and pumpkins and more as well as take hayrides around the farm and shop in the huge farm store/gift shop/bakery. You can watch the pies being baked right outside in their huge ovens!

The first gallery here are photos from all around the farm. One of my favorite subjects was all the non-working  equipment littered about the farm as if a museum. Click on any of the photos to view them in full size. There are options there for you to purchase a download, or a print or to send a **FREE** E-Card to anyone.




When traveling through just about anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Cape, Autumn means cranberries and there really is nothing like the sight of the brilliant red & orange of a cranberry bog alongside of so many back roads of Massachusetts. It’s truly a unique experience to watch as the farmers flood their bogs so that the sour little berries will float to the top waiting for the wadered farmer to make her way down into the bog to begin raking and corraling the berries into their pens to be harvested. I’ve seen the bogs flooded so many times over the years of living in New England, but it’s always been a fascination of mine to be able to actually don a pair of waders and get down into that bog! Well….as luck and circumstance will be…both my daughter in law Ellen and I did manage slip into waders and make our way into the bog among the thousands of floating berries.

We were able to do this at a lovely little family owned bog in Achushnet, Mass called Stone Bridge Farms. Check out their website to learn about growing and harvesting cranberries and about how you too could be a berry harvester for a day! Of course there’s a hilarious story behind how we were able to swim with the berries but I’m going to leave that out for now! 

Check out the photos below of the bogs at Stone Bridge as well as a few photos from another walk we took another day around one of the Ocean Spray bogs which was located just behind the NE Patriots stadium in Foxboro, Mass.



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