Happy Thanksgiving!….but please pick up the garbage!

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 50’s and 60’s and especially lucky enough to have lived in New England back then, you grew up with Woody Guthrie but also watched his son Arlo, grow up to be one of just a few true human beans, one with such eternal love for his fellow man and the little planet we call home.

As if that wouldn’t be enough, Pat & I were also fortunate enough for a few years to live just down Rte 8 in Washington & Hinsdale, MA from Arlo’s home in the Berkshires. Over those years we had the distinct pleasure of hanging out and sometimes shooting pool with Arlo at one of Hinsdale’s finest watering holes, The Home Club (still there too!) He would even often wander in, of course with guitar in hand, to Woody’s Road House (no connection to Dad) and play & sing a few tunes for the locals.

One fateful Thanksgiving Day way back then, Arlo’s life took an amusing turn…all because of the garbage. 🙂 If you’ve never heard of the famous Alice’s Restaurant Masacree…..this is your opportunity to create a new Thanksgiving tradition! Watch it or listen to it this year…and you’re sure to bring it back every Thanksgiving to remind you of just how thankful we all should be. (except of course for those of you who had to experience the ‘Group W’ bench)



BTW…you can still buy the 1975 album and listen all year long!


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