Supermoon — December 2017

Last night we were graced by crystal clear skies over the Carolina shore…just what the astronomers ordered for viewing the only Supermoon of 2017. A warm early December evening made the experience that much more wonderous & enjoyable. (That warm weather however certainly made it easier for those pesky mosquitos to draw a couple pints of blood in the dark!)
I chose the east end of Sunset Beach, Tubbs Inlet & Jinks Creek as my observation post as I could photograph the sunset from the dunes on the east end of the beach and then circle around along the shore of Tubbs Inlet to observe the moon rising over the west end of OIB and reflecting on the waters of Jinks Creek & Tubbs.

I got set up and waited patiently while getting eaten alive in the dark. I turned away a moment and when I turned back my jaw dropped when I saw the first sign of the orange orb slipping above the skyline. The beauty and the grandeur of it sent chills through my body. Luckily no one was around to hear me shouting to the skies. No matter how many times I see something like this…I am always left in awe! Hope you enjoy the photos. (FYI….the supermoon appears much bigger and brighter than when it’s high in the sky beacuse of an optical affect called the moon illusion)

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