First Supermoon of 2018

We are so lucky this year to be graced with a sky show that occurs only once in a blue moon…figuratively and literally! January of 2018 will treat us with 2 full moons this year. The first of the two supermoons appeared in the sky last night on New Year’s Day, and the second one will be glowing on Jan. 31. That one will be a “blue moon,” because it’s the second full moon during the same calendar month. According to most astronomy experts, such an occurrence happens only once every 2 or 3 years!

My hope is to capture both of these events this month and I had surprising success on New Year’s night. New Year’s day started out with a clear blue, cloudless sky but some pretty bone-chilling temperatures.  As the day progressed, so did the accumulation of clouds which looked like would lead to a moonless moonrise! As sunset approached, I bundled up to brave the sub-freezing temperatures in hope that the clouds would clear in time. 

When I made it to Town Park in Sunset Beach I was rewarded with clearing skies and lovely layers of thin clouds shrouding the 1st setting sun of 2018. At my back to the east were nearly cloudless skies awaiting the rising of the first supermoon of 2018. Here are some photos of the first sunset-moonrise of 2018. Hope you enjoy.


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