Partial Lunar Eclipse 1.31.2018

January this year is a pretty special month here along the Carolina shore. We were lucky enough to experience one fantastic supermoon at the beginning of the month (click here to view photos from that event) and were treated to not only a second supermoon but also a partial lunar eclipse.

The partial eclipse was expected to begin at around 6:45 AM on the 31st as the moon was setting. I chose Bird Island on Sunset Beach to capture some photos so I headed out down the beach at about 5:30 AM under clear 25° skies and the ocean waves lit up by the glowing moon. It was breathless.

Here is a slideshow of some photos showing the progression of the moon being partially eclipsed.


Of course, the bonus of having clear skies and a moon setting in the west is the sun rising right behind you in perfect harmony. Here is a slideshow of the sunrise photos.


Here are some of the individual photos in a simple gallery.

My trip back along the beach brought even more surprises! I don’t often see an abundance of shells along the shore on Sunset Beach but this morning was quite the exception…more shells than I normally would see. Not only did I find one of my favorites….a moon snail….I found 4 of them on my walk back. One large one was alive and stranded on the beach. Hopefully now he’s found his family in the sea.



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