The Colors of Provincetown

I almost feel as though I grew up in Provincetown on Cape Cod. There is no question that it is my favorite little town on the planet. I started going to the Cape in 1959 with my family as a ten-year-old on the first of so many wonderful vacations to the shore. My Dad had chosen Eastham as our destination and it proved to be a spectacular place to vacation. On that part of the Cape, it’s only a couple miles wide with the pounding Atlantic to the east and the placid, tranquil Cape Cod Bay to the east. It was there that my Dad taught me how to clam and my love of the bivalves has not diminished over the course of my life, regardless of my coordinates on the planet! I continue to scrape through the muck here in the Carolinas searching for the elusive quahog. 

Provincetown was about a half hour drive or so to the very tip of the Cape so it made for a wonderful day trip for us. I fell in love with it immediately!….but I can’t lie…I felt like I was in an alternate reality! In the 60’s P-Town was the beatnik capital of the East…an artist’s nirvana for sure. To this day it continues to be a mecca for artists, photographers and such. Another reality that I became exposed to much to my naivety was the sight of 2 men or 2 women holding hands together. As a young teen, I was aware of the lifestyle but had never bumped right into it. It truly was an eye-opening experience for me; one for which I am very grateful for to this day.

As one would expect from an artists’ community, there is color everywhere in P-Town. I tried to capture as much of it as I could absorb in my camera. I hope these photos provide you with the colorful flavor of this fascinating little fishing town.


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