Southport Sunset

While Southport is just a short 45 minute drive for us, it always seems as though it’s a special trip! We ‘discovered’ Southport a number of years ago when we first started visiting the Carolinas and immediately fell in love with it. It was actually our first Brunswick County town and it has always been a favorite of ours since then. We drank Red Stripes and ate wings at this eclectic little Jamaican restaurant (whose name sadly escapes me) down near the end of Howe St just before the Waterfront Park. We started looking at real estate listings immediately.

We had the opportunity last weekend to visit Southport but this trip actually had a specific purpose in mind! It was the opening of our friend Tony Alderman’s latest art exhibit entitled “Life On The Lower Cape Fear” at the NC Maritime Museum at Southport. If you love the Carolina shore and especially the Brunswick County area, this exhibit is a ‘must-see’ for you. Tony brings images to life in a way that will intrigue and excite you. His work will be on display during normal museum hours until the 24th of March so get yourself on down there before you miss the opportunity!

Speaking of the museum…this was our very first visit after years of having it on our itinerary. It’s another stop that you truly do not want to miss on your tour of the Lower Cape Fear. History abounds in all of Brunswick County & beyond and it very vividly is brought to life at the museum. Take a look at the photos below to give yourself a bit of an idea of what you’ll see, but do yourself a favor and plan a visit. It’s free!…but donations are most gladly accepted to assist in the day to day operations as well as new exhibits. There’s even a great little gift shop for you to bring home a remembrance of your visit.



As if the exhibit and the museum were not enough, our timing was perfect to be treated to a stunning sunset along the Cape Fear. As I stood on the end of the pier on a cold, windy early evening, I was astonished, surprised and so lucky to have a couple come out on to the pier to exchange marriage vows! It was quite an evening. Below are some photos of yet another spectacular sunset along the Carolina shore.

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