OIB Renourishment….Yet Again!

As many of you are aware, the East end of OIB is slowly slipping back into the waiting arms of the sea! In the last 2 years there have been 2 renourishment projects; one in 2014 and once again last year. The 2014 project was massive and lasted nearly 5 months pumping over 640,000 cubic yards of sand along the eastern shorefront. It raised the elevation approximately 7 feet and created a 100 yard wide beach at the Shallotte Blvd beach access.

If you don’t already know…you can guess the rest. Within a couple months, the tide started breaking over the new high water mark. Once that first break occurred, the end was in sight and all 640K yards of beach returned home to the sea. 

The last project was much smaller, perhaps 10% in volume and it met the same fate. Good news was on the horizon though with the approval of the construction of a terminal groin at the east end of the island and another very small dredging planned in advance of the groin construction which was scheduled to begin in November of 2017. With a lawsuit filed by the Audubon, that project was put on hold pending the outcome of the litigation.

Fast forward to today and the next in a series of renourishment projects is about to commence. I wonder what the over/under is on this project? Any guesses??

I ventured out today to see what progress had been made since last weekend. No dredging had begun yet but many more segments of pipe are ready to be connected. Soon presumably! Here are a few photos of the materials and such being readied for work as well as a few others from along the shore on a simply lovely Spring day along the shore.

Click on an image to view it full size and feel free to send any photo via a *Free* E-Card by clicking on the link in the image. Let your friends & Family know what’s going on down at their favorite beach.


If you aren’t familiar with where this project is taking place, this is a map from 4 years ago which will give you a good representation of what area is being filled. 

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