Nesting on Sunset Beach

Spring brings with it the feeling of renewal & rebirth. Such is the case again this Spring on Sunset Beach as nesting shorebirds return to bring new life into their and our world! I’ve been trying to watch this activity each year for a number of years now. This Spring has been more difficult than past years mainly due to the miserable weather we’ve experienced. A trip down to the east end of the island (where most of the nesting occurs) in late March yielded no signs at all of any nesting. This week, however, was another story.

I had hoped to find both oystercatchers and Wilson plovers nesting this Spring but all I was able to find was one nest of plovers with 3 eggs. Hopefully, more birds will make their return to the island to raise their new families! Here are some photos of the 2 adults guarding their nest and incubating their eggs.


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