Paths To The Sea

A Thought on the Sea-Shore


In every object here I see–

Something, O Lord, that leads to Thee;

Firm as the rocks Thy promise stands,

Thy mercies countless as the sands,

Thy love a sea immensely wide,

Thy grace an ever flowing tide.

In every object here I see

Something, my heart, that points at thee;

Hard as the rocks that bound the strand,

Unfruitful as the barren sand, Deep and deceitful as the ocean,

And, like the tide, in constant motion.

John Newton (1725-1807)


There is something about that path to the beach that captivates us: the anticipation of what awaits around the dune and off just in the distance, the gentle rolling of the ebb tide or the crashing of the surf at high.

I love taking photos of these paths as they have not only a calming effect but they also unleash our imagination as to what we’ll encounter once the sea hits our eyes the water rolls over our toes.

All these photos were taken on a recent visit to Bald Head Island. Please click on a photo to view it full size where you can send it as a *Free* E-Card



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