Kindred Spirit Mailbox Over The Years

As Summer comes to our Carolina shore and visitors & vacationers descend on our beautiful beaches and towns, one of the most popular spots remains to be the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island. For those of you who may not be fully aware of the history of Bird Island:

Bird Island is approximately 1,300 acres adjacent to the coastal resort town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina, USA. Sunset Beach is on a barrier island and is the southernmost town in North Carolina. Bird Island can be reached by walking along the seashore toward the South Carolina border. Due to the contour of the Atlantic Coast at this point, the direction of travel to Bird Island is approximately West-Southwest. Previously, Bird Island was separated from Sunset Beach by a tidal creek (Mad Inlet) that could be easily crossed only at low tide. Accretion of ocean sand (due to hurricane activity in the 1990s as well as environmental activity to fill in dune grass) has gradually filled in the tidal creek so that two separate islands became one. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

If you’d like to learn much more about Bird Island, please visit The North Carolina Coastal Federation website for a wealth of information!

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox has not always been on Bird Island. It was first put up way up island on the east end on a spit of sand adjacent to Tubbs Inlet. It remained there until 1983 when it was moved to Bird Island. Even on Bird Island, it has been moved multiple times and always due to the forces of Mother Nature. Its current location (for about a year and a half now) is thanks to Hurricane Matthew.

We’ve witnessed a number of those moves and have been lucky enough to photograph the mailbox in a few of her locations. You can see some of those photos in the gallery below. You can also see many of these photos in person at one of the many marketplace events that we attend such as the Shallotte Farmers Market or the Ocean Isle Marketplace. If you’re unable to attend any of these, we’ve also made it possible to order any of the photos as canvas prints and have them shipped to your home. What better way to remember your visit to this very special place than by having it on your wall! Details for ordering are just below the gallery.




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Kindred Spirit Mailbox
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If you’d like to learn more about Kindred Spirit from the Bird Island ‘Mayor’….click here for a wonderful article about Frank Nesmith

In case you didn’t know……

The group gathers at 40th St to begin their walk to Bird Island!

Each week during the summer, you can participate in a guided, interpretive walk along the shore of Sunset Beach and Bird Island and end up at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. This is a fascinating event for adults and children alike where you will learn so much about Sunset Beach, Bird Island, Kindred Spirit, turtle nesting and so much more!

This is a **FREE** event and is provided to you through the efforts of a wonderful group of volunteers who are the Bird Island Stewards. Here are the details:

  • When: Each Wednesday between Memorial Day & Labor Day
  • Where: On the beach at the end of the 40th St walkway
  • Time: Arrive a bit before 8:30
  • How long: The walk takes about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on size of group and level of interaction.
  • What to bring: Sunscreen! Insect repellent! Water! Your friends & your children!

If you’d like to learn more about the fine work that is done by the Bird Island Stewards, please visit their website by clicking here!


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