Bird Island Sunset

After being away on vacation for a couple weeks, it was sheer joy to get out and walk the beach over to Bird Island and catch quite a unique sunrise. Out over the ocean were puffy, billowy white clouds dotting the brilliant blue sky and off to the north over the dunes were walls of clouds climbing into the atmosphere, silhouetted by the blaze of sun peeking from behind. Off in the distance, the sky behind the clouds was lit up with the pulsing of lightning and the slow rumbling of thunder.

I found a lovely spot behind the dunes at the point where Sunset Beach ends & Bird Island begins that provided me with a wonderful panoramic view of the marsh and the maritime forest of Bird Island and the gentle, rolling waves on the shoreline behind me. Here are a few of the photos from the evening. Please click on any one of them to view full size. Feel free to share to your social media platform of choice. You can also send any of the photos to anyone with an email address as a *Free* E-Card by clicking on the ECard link in the photo.


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