Before Florence-Sunset Beach, Calabash & North Myrtle

We set out yesterday afternoon to get a bunch of pre-flo photos. We had hoped to hit Ocean Isle, Sunset, Calabash & N Myrtle. Time was ticking unfortunately and with the impending bridge closures, we weren’t able to get out to Ocean Isle. Given the potential destruction coming, we wanted something to look back upon! 

Our drive out to Sunset was eerie as hell….something like a nuclear winter! From Little River, through Calabash and into Sunset Beach, it was desolate; very, very few cars on the roads and much of nothing open. Going over the bridge was even worse; seeing the rooftops that could very well not be there tomorrow. About a half dozen cars at the beach parking lot was about all the life we saw. A handful of cars tucked under the homes along the streets down to the east end and a couple of vehicles outside of Palm Cove were the only signs of life. This 1st gallery is from the east end.



Here’s a short FB live video clip of our walk out onto the beach.

And here’s our view going off island for the last time in at least a number of days.


We made our way over to Calabash….a ghost town! A normally busy harbor teeming with activity all along the docks and in the restaurants was simply vacant! Not a soul to be found and just one lonely little boat tied up. One positive note was the simply stunning new addition to the docks and that is the brand new dockside tiki bar/dining option from Oyster Rock right on the water! It is amazing! You need to get down to the docks to see it. Let’s just hope all is still intact after this weekend!



After Calabash our plan was to head over to Cherry Grove and go down to the point at Hog Inlet; one of my favorite spots for photos in N Myrtle. There was a bit of activity on our way into the Grove. Surprisingly, Boulineaus was still open mid afternoon. Once we got to the intersection at Ocean Dr, there appeared to be throngs of cars parked by the beach and people everywhere. Lo and behold, Moto’s On The Water was still open and serving cold beverages and warm food! We decided to take the detour to the Hurricane Party on the beach! 4 hours later and lots of bar photos meant the end of the day for us! Many thanks to Moto’s are due for helping ease the stress of the days to come!


Hope you enjoy the photos and I hope to be able to get back out after Flo to see how well everyone fared.

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