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Sometimes it’s not just about the photo….the one photo that is! Most of our customers leave with one or two photos for their homes or as gifts. There are times, however, when bigger ideas call for more photos. Such was the case recently when a customer came to us with an idea for her “Carolina’ room. She had an idea sketched out on paper and was looking for just the right photos in the right size to fill her wall. We worked with her to find what would suit her needs and her overall idea & plan. You can see just below what the final product looked like. We just LOVE it!

If this is something that has crossed your mind, but you’re just not sure where to start, stop by and visit with us at one of the many events where we are participating. We’ll be happy to assist you in laying out a design, choosing the photos and adjusting or editing them as needed so they fit your vision. 



Just below you can see each of the individual photos that were used in this arrangement. We made edits to some of the photos in order to fit the customer’s plan. We will gladly do that for you as well if the need arises. We charge only for the canvas prints themselves. 



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