A Bird Island Sunset

I was lucky recently to sneak in enough time late one afternoon to make a quick visit to Sunset Beach a couple of hours before sunset. The skies had cleared significantly over the day and into the late afternoon so I was afraid I might lose those gorgeous mid-winter colors, shadows, and reflections. My hope was to have enough time to make the walk down to Kindred Spirits and get some nice shots on the dune tops down that way.

I made my way down to the 40th St walkway so I could minimize my walk time as I had no more than an hour before sunset. Luck was on my side and there was plenty of parking at the end of the island. Much to my surprise, as I walked down the beach access, I noticed some lovely high, wispy, cirrus clouds along the horizon to the west. That would mean that some vibrant, explosive colors would be soon at hand!

The walk down the beach was nothing less than spectacular! Low tide left me over a hundred yards of firm, flat beach sand and gently lapping waves to make my walk nearly effortless. The building colors on the horizon enhanced my anticipation! I made it to the mailbox in plenty of time to sit, relax and take in the quiet beauty that is Bird Island. In time I came to meet 3 other young travelers, all from Wilmington and all on their first adventure to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. It made for some wonderful conversation!

Just below are a few of my photos from that sunset. You can click on any of them to view them full size. There are also options to send any of the photos as a Free E-card or purchase a digital copy or enlargement. Any of the photos are also available to purchase as a 16×24 stretched canvas for just $49 delivered to you. Please contact me here for details.

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