A Quick Trip To McClellanville, SC

A recent sunny Monday afternoon nestled between days of rain and cold called for a quick getaway!…. somewhere where the signs of Spring would be in all their glory, those being the colors of the azaleas, the wisteria and more and on the water, the resilient fishing & shrimping fleet of McClellanville, SC. We were not disappointed by either!

The McClellanville Methodist Church Cemetery which lies along the south side of Jeremy Creek is quite a moving family cemetery with many of the names that you still see on the mailboxes throughout town. It’s also a burst of color in the Spring as you will see from the following photographs. You’re best to meander through the sprawling cemetery reading the stories that go back generations.

Spring is also shrimp season along the Carolina shore and no town in South Carolina tells the story better than McClellanville. Many of the crew members were out with paint and brushes and welding tools readying the mighty vessels for the upcoming season. The town will also be rolling out the welcome mat for the 43rd Annual Low Country Shrimp Festival and Blessing of the Fleet. If you’ve never attended this festival, we’d strongly encourage you to make the short drive and join in on the festivities. You can read a little more about it and see some of the photos of the shrimpers on parade by clicking here.

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