Price’s Creek Lighthouse

As many of you may be aware, we’re very fond of lighthouses, hence the abundance of photos of lighthouses from up and down the coast. On a number of occasions, I’ve been asked by customers at our marketplace events if I’ve ever photographed the lighthouse in Southport.

Lighthouse in Southport?? Never heard of it. Can’t be! Wrong again. It does exist and I finally realized what that tiny structure along the Cape Fear shoreline was. It’s Price’s Creek Lighthouse!

You’ve likely seen it as well if you’ve ever taken the ferry from Southport to Ft Fisher. Inaccessible on the shore and quietly sitting in the shadows of Archer Daniels Midland & the Brunswick Nuclear Plant sits this Civil War relic. It’s very easy to miss and easier to see on the return trip from Ft Fisher. On a very recent little cruise with friends over to Ft Fisher & Kure Beach, I was reminded that I needed to find and photograph Price’s Creek. Here are the results along with a map of precisely where she is and some great background information from Lighthouse Friends, an amazing resource for lighthouses lovers like me!

You can see more of our lighthouses here.

Here’s where you’ll find Price’s Creek Lighthouse.

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