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As you are likely aware, our photos are generally arranged by specific activities, for instance: ‘Biking Sunset Beach’ or ‘Ocean Isle Sunrise.’ What we have done here is we have arranged photos by specific categories rather than events so that if you’re looking for all the photos of birds and sea life, no matter where they were taken, you can simply click on that specific gallery and only photos that fall into that category will be displayed. The same will hold true for ‘all’ sunrises or sunsets, no matter where they were taken. 

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 Bald Head Island 

Just a short distance off the Carolina shore at Southport lies a unique & captivating little island where life slows down. BHI is a ‘must visit’ even if just for the day!







  Birds & Creatures

Our Carolina Shore is home to some of the most unique creatures on the planet! Hope you find your favorite here!








Shrimp Boats & More

Shrimp boats are such a huge and significant part of the landscape here along the Carolina Shore. From Varnamtown to Calabash to McClellanvile, the shrimping & fishing industry has survived for decades because of the hard work and dedication of local families who have had shrimping in their blood for generations. Just a reminder to bypass the frozen shrimp case at your local super market! Always look for the Brunswick Catch sign at your local fish market or eatery to ensure your buying local. Remember….when you buy local fish and shrimp, you’re putting food on the dinner table for a local family.



Stormy Weather!

The beauty in our Carolina Shore lies not just in the blue, cloudless days of gentle rolling waves and children splashing in the tidal pools. Her beauty also shines through in those dark, dreary, windy, stormy days that we so often experience. It’s one of the best times to view the beauty of nature and the power of the sea!



Calabash – The Seafood Capital of the World!

Calabash is an old,  unique & quaint little fishing village that is often referred to as the  “Seafood Capital of the World.” There is still a large fleet of fishing boats in Calabash, some commercial and some private. You can book fishing trips on a number of vessels in the harbor and it is also home to some exciting dolphin sightseeing tours. If eating some of that delicious seafood is your preference, River Rd on the way to the harbor will afford you countless choices to enjoy fresh, local Carolina seafood.




Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle is the cosmopolitan island of the Carolinas. Glamor without the glitz! OIB has just about all you could ever need or want from a barrier island beach…and maybe a little more. A beautiful beach, stunning sunrises off of the east end, great little shops and activities right on island and a diverse selection of restaurants and tiki bars with menus to please any palate. OIB hosts the annual NC Oyster Fest in October as well as the weekly Marketplace of craftspeople, artisans and more every Tuesday during the summer.



Holden Beach

Crossing over the Intracoastal Waterway to get to Holden Beach will show you a couple things right off the bat that make HB unique among the Brunswick County barrier island beaches. First….that crazy roller coaster bridge! But what a simply breathtaking view once you reach the peak of the bridge and start your way down. You want to stop at the top and just admire what’s ahead of you whether it’s the glass like calm ocean or the approaching tropical storm churning up the ocean floor and crashing it down on to the shore! Of course the second thing is just below you….the venerable sinking “Southern Lady”…that once lovely and productive shrimper that is now relegated to spending her days as a landmark sitting on the bottom of the shore of the Intracoastal Waterway. Like her or hate her, she’s the sign that you’ve made it ‘home.’



Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach….the last of the Brunswick County barrier island beaches to succomb to the pressure of eliminating the old, one lane swing bridge in favor of he modern, 2 lane flyover bridge on to the island. Smallest of the 4 islands, it keeps its status as a quiet family oriented beach. You won’t find restaurants, gas stations or mini golf. A few local goft shops and the most beautiful and distinctive barrier island beaches. It’s the only beach that actually accretes sand and is also the only Brunswick County beach that is part of the state of NC coastal reserve system with Bird Island encompassing nearly 2 miles of undisturbed natural beauty along the shore. It’s also home to the oh so popular Kindred Spirit Mailbox. 




Southport/Oak Island

Southport is Carolina living at its best! A picturesque small town with a cosmopolitan feel…the best of both worlds! Oak Island is the largest of the 4 Brunswick County barrier islands. The island is actually comprised of 2 towns, Caswell Beach & Oak Island.




If you live by the shore, you know all about the allure and the charm of lighthouses! We’ve included a sampling of the lighthouses that we have visited, not just here on the Carolina shore, but others along the Eastern US shore.





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