Good Times With Randy Knight & Parrot Party

It’s tough to find anything much better than sunsets at the shore and good music & food at the tiki bar. Luckily that all came together Friday night up on the deck at Jinks Creek with Randy Knight & Parrot Party spreading the Jimmy Buffet style of love and life! If you aren’t familiar with Randy, you owe it to yourself to catch him at one of the many venues in the area where he performs. You can check out Parrot Party’s Facebook page to get an up to date schedule of upcoming performances. If you love Jimmy Buffet….you’re sure to love Randy! He’s not a cover band….but rather an impersonator. You may very well think you’re watching and listening to Jimmy when you see him perform. 

Of course the icing on the Randy Knight/Jimmy Buffet cake is being able to experience him up on the Tiki Bar at Jinks Creek. If you’re one of the unlucky folks who haven’t experienced Jinks Creek either…it’s time you make plans. Great atmosphere, great staff, great beverages and of course….wonderful menu including both drink and dinner and snack specials most every night.

Friday night’s weather was far more cooperative than most other evenings lately! A fresh breeze coming off of the water and just wisps of clouds dotting the blue sky. Now this is life along our Carolina shore!

Here are some photos from that memorable night. Click on any photo to virew it full size. Feel free to share to your social network of choice or send as a *Free* E-Card. Hope you enjoy.



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