Sunrise Under The OIB Bridge

Summer sunrises….

….tend to be much less spectacular than fall and winter sunrises here at the shore. With our islands running east to west, we get to witness both sunrise and sunset over the water during the fall & winter months. The summer sunrises move more towards the north, northeast which puts the sun over the mainland or over the ICW at this time of the year. That can be a good thing if you can find a safe spot along the waterway. There is a spot under the OIB bridge that I’ve wanted to get to for quite some time but coordinating a morning off with a low tide at the time of sunrise has not been a simple task. 

I did get lucky this past weekend with a low tide right around sunrise. Although it was a heavily clouded sky that morning, I crossed my fingers for at least a peek of sun. Given how quickly the sun rises up into the morning sky, I knew I had a small window of opportunity. It wasn’t the most stunning of sunrises but it was well worth the early rise and the walk through the marsh and muck along the ICW (see the map of where I ended up). I hope you enjoy the photos! You can click on any of the photos to view them full size and if you’d like, you can send any of the photos as a *FREE* E-Card by clicking on the e-card link on the full size photo.


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