Beach Erosion on the New England Coast

Living here along the Carolina shore, we are well accustomed to the effects that the many tropical storms and hurricanes have on our fragile shoreline. We’re not alone in experiencing such alteration and destruction. Having lived near the New England shoreline for most of my life, I began to see the effects on the shoreline starting back in the 70’s and it has only grown far worse as the years have passed. Photos cannot do justice to the effects of years’ worth of storms on the environment of Cape Cod and the Islands. on our recent trip up North I tried to visit some of my favorite places from childhood and beyond to capture the new shoreline and as always, I was stunned to see the breadth and scope of the damage along the shore. Here are a few of the photos from that trip. Click on any of the photos to view it full size and see details. For more photos of Cape Cod, please visit our Cape Cod Gallery

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