Black & White – From The Darkroom to the PC

When Eastman Kodak introduced the first color film in 1935, the world of photography changed forever. Seeing images come to life in their natural colors brought a whole new perspective to photography. In just 40 years, photography was turned on its head again with the advent of digital photography. No more buying and loading film; bringing it in for processing (unless you were lucky enough to have your own darkroom) and then finally seeing your results, and often finding them to be less than satisfactory.

How things have changed now with our ability to load images on to a pc and adjust and manipulate them as far as our imagination will take us. Digital photography has most certainly become an art form and one of those forms that it takes on is color conversion editing. I am a huge fan of black & white and I thoroughly enjoy the process of converting color images to black & white. While the market for selling b&w is far less than color, it is so satisfying when a customer chooses a b&w image to add to their home. 

As a service to our b&w fans, we offer to convert any image to b&w at no charge. Not all images lend themselves well to conversion, however, the final judge of that is always you! We’ve included a handful of images below that will illustrate the look that can be achieved through the conversion process. Of course, the glory in digital editing is that the variations available are nearly limitless. If black and white is of interest to you, we’ll be happy to do whatever we can in order to satisfy your needs.

Below you can see the results of the conversion of some color photographs to black and white. These and many more black & white photos can be viewed in our Black & White Gallery. Reprints, as well as digital rights, can be purchased there. Canvas prints can also be ordered here.

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