Myrtle Beach Forest Fire of 2009

What started out as a resident burning a small pile of debris in his backyard turned into a massive blaze burning 19000 acres of stunning Carolina pine forest, not to mention destroying 76 homes when the fire jumped 6 lanes of Highway 31 over to Barefoot Landing. The layers of smoke plumes could be seen throughout Brunswick County and up into Wilmington. The forest is recovering and driving up and down Highway 31 through the Brunswick Forest area today, it would be difficult to know that 10 years ago, the ground was black!

I hiked through a small portion of the area a couple of years back to see what progress had been made in the recovery process and to capture that in photos. It was my intent to photograph the forest in black & white to try to better capture the destruction. I finally got around to processing the color photos as b&w and you can view some of the scenes from my hike in the gallery below. Click on any of the photos to view full size.

Do you have a personal story from this wildfire? Please feel free to share it here with us. You may also add up to 4 photos. 

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