Rodanthe Fishing Pier

Living on the Carolina shore, you get accustomed to storm damage not only from hurricanes. Living along the Outer Banks, that narrow strip of NC coastline that juts out into the Atlantic, gives you an even more dangerous perspective. When storms start pounding away at the shore, pushing the dunes father back, you just know that those structures extending a couple football fields length are going to be sitting on shaky ground. We’re of course referring to the fishing piers sitting out there alone in the Atlantic. 

We had occasion to recently visit the Rodanthe Pier which over a number of years has been shaken, fallen, and gotten back up 3 times and is standing tall once again. Here’s a glimpse at what she looks like now, still pretty fresh from her reconstruction over this past year. 

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She looks pretty stable and solid right now, but let’s take you back over the last 5 years to see just what she’s been through. This first video takes you back to 2015 when Hurricane Sandy ripped about 120 feet off the end of the 720-foot pier. At the time repairs were already under way to damage caused by rough surf back in late-December.

The owners managed to get it all fixed up again, spruced up the pier house, and repaired the parking lot. Because of its postion on the OBX spit, Rodanthe is one of the most dynamic, so coastal storms and beach erosion have continued, and will continue to take a toll. In comes Hurricane Florence on 9/18/2018 and the pier is damaged once again, only to be repaired…once again. Fast forward to early December of 2019 when a nor’easter badly damaged the ramp to the pier and the parking lot. The video below from Altitude 12 from early April of this year shows work nearly completed on the new ramp.


The video that follows will provide you with great perspective as to the precarious nature of living on the coastline on the Outer Banks. You’ll notice the extensive work being done on the new causeway/bridge which will eliminate Rodanthe and Hatteras from being cut off from the rest of the banks north of them, although it’s entirely possible that it will also just create a ‘new’ island along the shoreline.


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