The Blackwater Waccamaw

For the last 2 months or more I’ve been struggling with a dying PC causing me hours and days worth of wasted time struggling to get virtually anything done. I’ve learned a hole new language of profanities that I shan’t share with you. You can check with my neighbors for that! In any event, after delays, the new PC is finally in place and making life pleasant once again! One outgrowth of the process and transferring over to a new system is discovery!! I’ve discovered many photos that seemed to have just fallen through the cracks. I’m going to beg your indulgence during my process of discovery and publishing. Most will be older photos and many will likely be random. In any event, my hope is that you’ll see something new to you!

Todays photos were taken just a stones throw away from where we live but in an area that feels so distant and captivating. The Waccamaw River spreads her fingers, arms and legs across numerous counties creating hidden spots fishing, boating, hiking and nature watching. The River flows across both Carolinas from its source at Lake Waccamaw in North Carolina to Winyah Bay in South Carolina and contains one of the largest contiguous wildlife habitat areas in the southern coastal plain and it is considered to be one of the finest blackwater rivers in the Southeast. Looking at the deep black water in the river would certainly not lead you to believe that it provides clean drinking water in the Carolinas.

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