The Light Shines Through

I recently published one of my personal favorite photos of the dunes along the west end of Bird Island at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. That day was one of anger & anguish throughout our society and as I looked at the photo, it conveyed a feeling of peace, quiet, safety and light!

Since I had a number of folks asking if the photo could be purchased. I decided to have reprints produced so that I could offer them for sale here.

One of the ‘newer’ methods of printing is ‘deep matte,’ which I have used occasionally in the past since it is so suitable for specific photos. I thought that this photo was ideal for ‘deep matte’ as it conveys all of the wordly features that I listed, but on photo paper. A quick primer on deep matte:

It is the ideal finish when you’re looking for a true non-reflective surface that is not only soft to the touch, but to the eyes as well. It’s a very smooth paper which provides sharp whites and an almost elegant color reproduction, but one that is subtle and warm. One of the most important features of deep matte is that it provides an absolutely lusterless surface, eliminating any glare!

The video below will give you the best explanation of what you can expect from deep matte prints.

This photo is now available for purchase as an 8×10 print matted within an 11×14 black, acid free matte. It can be framed in any standard size 11×14 frame which can readily find at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc., or custom framed to your liking. (We use pictureframes.com for all of our custom work). The price of this print is just $20 and that includes USPS 1st class shipping. Please use the order form below to place your order. All credit/debit cards are accepted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues.

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