The Sands of Time on Lucy Vincent Beach

Living along the shore here in the carolinas, we’ve become acutely aware of the forces of nature and how they change the topography of the shoreline. We needn’t look much farther than the east end of Ocean Isle Beach to notice that miles of 2 streets and all their homes are somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. Oceanfront has become 3rd St!

Such erosion and destruction are not unique to the Carolinas. Having lived near the Massachusetts coast for many years, we’ve become accustomed to the sea taking back her property! One of the most unanticipated and remarkable reclamations occured recently out on Martha’s Vineyard at our favorite beach, Lucy Vincent Beach along the south facing coast of the island.

I have included here a fascinating article from the Vineyard Gazette which will provide you with an historical background of the amazing ‘sculptures’ that have formed on the beach over thousands of years as well as the painful change in the face of the beach that recently occurred. After the article, you’ll find a gallery of images of some of our visits to Lucy Vincent prior to the transformation. I hope to see the ‘new’ beach later this summer and I’ll share the new look at that time.

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