Wandering The Vineyard

While we’ve been living here on the Carolina shore for quite some time now, we do have roots in New England, with family on the Massachusetts mainland and Martha’s Vineyard. We had an extended visit over Christmastime and an unexpected current visit due to some family health issues.

Even if you’re living on the island, there’s always something new and interesting to see virtually anywhere and everywhere on the island. The wintertime affords you the ability to leisurely explore the island without the throngs of tourists riding along your bumper.

Getting released from the hospital provided the perfect excuse and opportunity for us to wander up island and visit some of the usual suspects as well as some gems that some of us have never visited. It’s a huge island and even with so many thousands of acres of upland and beachfront land privately owned and inaccessible to the public, there are opportunities to explore much of the beauty of the island, from the rolling hills, to the fishing harbors, to the quiet beaches.

One of the spots we visited for the first time was Herring Creek which is a small run between Menemsha & Squibnockett Ponds which is currently being dredged so as to restore the spawning of both flounder and herring. You can read about this ambitious project here.

Here is a gallery of some of the photos from our afternoon up island. Just below you’ll find a video of a trip taken by some of the local Wampanoag using one of their hand carved ‘mishoons.’ In the gallery you’ll see a photo of one such dug out resting on the shore of Menemsha Pond. Click on any of the photos for a brief description and to view full size.

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