Biking & Hiking on Sunset Beach

One of the….. …..wonderful things about the beaches along our Carolina shore is the wide, flat shoreline at low tide. This creates the perfect environment for biking the beach. We’ve biked the beaches from Oak Island down to Huntington Beach at one time or another but our favorite continues to be Sunset Beach for a […]

Sunsets on Sunset

Did you ever….. …..wonder why it’s named Sunset Beach? A little history: The island was originally named Bald Beach by the owners, the Brooks Family. Ownership of the island dates back to the 1700’s. The town was subsequently purchased by Mannon Gore in 1955. He was a farmer but skilled in bridge building and dredging. […]

An OIB Afternoon to Wander

A cool and blustery day…. …..gave me the perfect excuse to just wander around the island a bit. One thing I love about the island is the vast amount of untouched upland marsh and maritime forest. Much of it is difficult to access but I did manage to find a spot close to the waterway […]

New Year’s Day on the Beach

New Year’s Day….. …..on Martha’s Vineyard was pleasantly comfortable making it an ideal day to walk some of the beaches. One we visited was Squibnockett Beach, known for its active and sometimes turbulent surf conditions. As luck would have it….the surf was up and so were the surfers. We spotted about a dozen of them […]

Fort Fisher

Charleston – The Gem of the Carolinas

The beauty of Charleston…. ….cannot ever be overstated! It is indeed the splendor of the South. To have lived here 100 or more years ago surely must have been an amazing experience, just as visiting the city today is. From sightseeing, to shopping, to dining, to worshiping, It’s the perfect walking city! Efficiently laid out […]

Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Over 35 years ago…. .…a young man and his girlfriend who loved the beach and loved people had a unique idea: to put up a mailbox on the beach so that people could stop by and leave their secrets, their prayers and many of their innermost thoughts for the rest of the world to see […]

Harker’s Island – Gateway to the Outer Banks

One of our…. ….most excellent adventures was a late summer weekend to the southern Outer Banks. While we had spent time in the past on the banks from Ocracoke up to Kitty Hawk, this was our first experience on this section of the Banks that is so incredibly secluded and pristine.  There is only one […]

Shackleford Banks

Shackleford Banks…. ….is the southernmost barrier island in the Cape Lookout National Seashore and it’s beauty is stunning! The 9 mile wide island’s only inhabitants are a herd of over 100 wild Spanish horses that have adapted to the island and exist without the help or hinderance from humans.  Access to the island is by […]

Cape Lookout National Seashore

A day….. …..out on Cape Lookout will transport you into a world of such fascinating beauty. You will feel the tension quickly release from your body and mind. You can immerse yourself into the deafening sound of peace and solitude understanding that you may very well be standing on a spot of land where no […]