Christmas Cards & Calendars

The Christmas Season is Upon Us! Christmas Cards & 2017 Calendars are here and ready to ship! Our 2017 wall calendars measure 8.5 x 11 folded and 11x 17 opened. They are printed on 100# glossy stock and each month is one of our favorite photos from the Carolina shore from the Cape Fear to […]


2016 Southport Christmas Regatta

Mark your calendars! This Saturday, December 10th, 2016   Get into town early because things get pretty crazy each year on Regatta night! Find your place to park and then spend some time wandering through town and see the homes and shops so beautifully decorated for Christmas! All the restaurants will be open as well […]

Stunning layers of clouds hovering over Bird Island  & Little River Inlet

Biking the Beach

The end of November….. …..mild weather along the Carolina shore was quite conducive to riding the beach! What made the proposition of biking the shore even more exciting was the 25-30 mph wind gusts out of the SSW. If you’re familiar with the Carolina shoreline, that means one direction is going to be teeth into […]


It’s A Southport Saturday Night!

November brings…. …..earlier sunsets and sudden darkness! The sunsets this time of year however, are breathless. This past Saturday we had thick clouds overtake the sun and sky in the afternoon but they cleared away enough to provide some lovely filtered sunlight and sunsets. The marshwalk in the harbor provided an ideal setting to watch […]


Don’t Fence Me In

I’ve always had a fascination for snow fences and the shadows and reflections they produce, whether they’re out in the open fields blocking the blowing snow or out on the beach, protecting the shoreline and building dunes.  Here is a sampling of some of the fences I’ve come across over the years. Subscribe to our mailing […]


2016 OIB Christmas Flotilla

Let the countdown commence! We’re just 1 week to the 13th annual Ocean Isle Beach Flotilla! Click in the frame below to view all the details of the event right from the Flotilla website. Remember that each year the Flotilla is held in order to support & benefit the Brunswick Family Assistance Program! Come out and […]

Sunset Beach

The Colors of Autumn

It’s been said…. …..that the one drawback to living on the Carolina shore is the lack of 4 seasons and especially the lack of Autumn color. Well…you can have your 4th season, thank you very little! I’ll stick to anticipating the one day when we get 1/4″ of snow and the county shuts down for […]


A Day Out On Bald Head Island

If you’re looking….. ….for an exciting and alltogether memorable experience along the Carolina Shore, a trip out to Bald Head Island is what you want! How many times since we first set foot along the Carolina shoreline have we looked over across the Cape Fear and the ICW and saw the iconic Old Baldy staring […]


Biking Sunset Beach After Matthew

Biking the beach… ….is best on Sunset Beach! After my initial post-Matthew visit to Sunset, I went back to get a better look of the entire island and the best way to do that was to do it by bicycle. Here is the route that I took on this particular ride:     Create Routes […]

SLICED! Not much more can be said about this photo. A staggering amount of sand was pulled from these dunes and sent back out to sea.

Sunset Beach After Matthew

Hurricane Matthew…. ….was originally forecast to just give a glancing blow to the NC shoreline above Little River, SC.  Unfortunately, he decided to hug the coast just long enough before making a sharp right turn and out to sea. The resulting damage in some places was just short of historic. Up and down the shoreline […]


2015 OIB Christmas Regatta

Christmas…. ….came to Ocean Isle Beach again this year, and what an amazing time it was! Could not have asked for better weather or for bigger crowds! By the time early evening came around, you could barely find your way into Inlet View Restaurant and outside there was nary a spot available along the shore […]